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How to Choose an Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia




Aesthetics is more than just about how you look, it’s also about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. As such, there is a growing demand for aesthetic clinics in Malaysia to bring the best out of yourself. However, you could be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available clinics and self-proclaimed experts out there.

You must have heard horror stories of aesthetic treatments gone wrong, especially when done by untrained professionals. If you are looking for a reliable aesthetic clinic in Malaysia to restore the glow in yourself, check out our guide below. 

1. Check on Google

One of the most reliable methods is just to do a quick search on Google. You can use keywords like “aesthetic clinic near me” or “acne laser treatment near me” for a quick overview of clinics around you. This gives you a baseline to work with and the next step is to screen through the list of clinics.  

For example, a quick search on Aglow will show you our many branches across Malaysia alongside their respective contact information. While you can read all you can online, it is still recommended for you to contact the clinics for a proper consultation.

2. Check their Google Reviews & testimonials

Instead of just shooting blindly and just picking any random aesthetic clinic, we suggest that you first check out feedback from their existing customers. Looking at online reviews can give you a pretty good insight into experiences from other customers. Some clinics even provide actual testimonials from their customers. Best if these testimonials can give you a before and after comparison for a fair expectation. 

3. Are the doctors certified?

Most aesthetic horror stories stem from treatments conducted by untrained professionals and self-proclaimed doctors. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you look at the background of the clinic and the doctors as well. After all, this is your face and skin that you are putting on the line. 

Rest assured that at Aglow, all of our doctors are fully-certified professionals endorsed by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The Aglow team consists of highly skilled and passionate beauty experts. Led by Dr. Amelia Siah, one of the most esteemed aesthetic doctors in the industry, the Aglow team is devoted to maintaining consistent results for every client to enjoy peace of mind during their visit.

4. What kind of treatment options do they offer?

While you may be looking for a specific treatment, let’s say PICO laser treatments, you would want to only get it from a clinic that specialises in it. Just like you wouldn’t go to an orthopaedic for a throat infection, aesthetic clinics are just the same. This ensures that you only get the best treatment from a clinic that is best qualified for it. 

From being skin health professionals, we are also experts in anti-aging, wellness and facial/body sculpture. Specifically, we provide a variety of treatment options for acne, scars, pigmentations, dark eye circles, ageing and sagging, wrinkles, body weight, body shape, hair fall, health and other wellness concerns.

5. Are they using the latest aesthetic technology?

Just a few years back, most of what people hear about aesthetic treatment are botox and implants. Well fast forward today, the field of aesthetic medicine has advanced significantly and you can now get treatment for anything ranging from wrinkles, acne, hair loss, facial contouring, pigmentation and more!

Like how medical technology improved, aesthetic medicine saw its own fair share of improvements as well. New aesthetic equipment and machines can provide a more effective, and more importantly, safer treatment option. Aglow uses the latest aesthetic equipment to provide the best treatment options for our customers. 

6. Get a pre-treatment consultation with a certified professional

Our guide above should keep you safe from most sketchy establishments. But for the best reliable outcome, you should always visit the clinic and have a proper consultation session with the doctor. A proper consultation should always be patient-oriented and treatment options should be based on your problems.

In Aglow, it is our utmost duty to let everyone’s inner beauty shine through the enhancement of their external beauty. With medical grade aesthetic solutions for everyone in need – from head to toe; we deliver satisfying treatment results in an environment exuding elegant ambience, with unparalleled client service that focuses on having a genuine, effective and friendly approach.

If you wish to know about how Aglow can bring out your inner glow and confidence, get in touch with us today. Make an appointment with us and let’s talk about how we can help you on your aesthetic journey. 

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