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Founder's Words

Founder's Words

Good self-aesthetic care and long term maintenance are often neglected by many. In Aglow Clinic, we are committed to ensure sustainable results while walking an aesthetic journey with our clients hand-in hand ; and we endeavour to stay abreast with the latest aesthetic trends and revolutions in order to continuously provide exceptional and novel aesthetic solutions to our clients.

“I needed a brand that can represent everybody and not just myself.
In the end, we chose to name it as Aglow, because it brings a meaning of bringing out glow in every individual.”

– Dr. Amelia Siah, Founder of Aglow.

Our Founder

Dr. Amelia Siah

A beauty inspired by beauty itself, Dr Amelia Siah is a fully-trained aesthetic doctor who is always out to explore and experience what the world has to offer.

Dr. Amelia Siah graduated from International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree in 2010. She then trained in the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur to fulfill her housemanship for 2 years and serve the public sector for another 3 years, particularly in the Emergency Department and antenatal clinic.

Being a beauty enthusiast even before she became a doctor; she participated in Maybeline’s The Beauty in Me contest in 2007 and won 1st place, resulting in a fully sponsored trip to New York City to train with famous international make-up artists. This was an eye opener that made her realise that beyond caring for the wellbeing of others, making someone look beautiful and feel confident makes the whole experience more rewarding. From then on, she knew that earning her medical degree would be a stepping stone to enter the beauty industry.

After completing her service with the public sector, she continued to pursue her dreams and obtained her Diploma from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). She also enrolled herself in a Korea Beauty Medical Medical Course as she wanted to improve and enhance her existing skills.

In 2015, Dr Amelia ventured into entrepreneurship and was awarded with the unique Elegante International Business Award 2 years later. Today she is a certified aesthetic doctor with LCP, who is recognized by the Health Ministry of Malaysia to provide safe and effective treatment results.

Knowing that medical aesthetic treatments are still not well understood and accepted in wider society, she wants to educate and share what she has learnt to help people gain confidence through looking good, feeling youthful and having a high self-esteem.

People need to know that there are quicker, more satisfying and SAFER ways to achieve good looks through Medical Aesthetic Treatments, and Dr. Amelia strives to achieve the best possible result for all her clients.

Our C0-Founder

Winnie Tan Voon Nie

With great business acumen and an outstanding ability to eye possible opportunities, Winnie Tan is a successful entrepreneur who will never stop at seeking new prospects.

Recognising her passion towards beauty, Winnie Tan made a brave move to enter into the beauty industry in 2011. Her first venture was at Wyann International where she served as General Manager for close to 7 years, managing 26 retail outlets of Facial First beauty salons and BizzyBody slimming centres.

After accumulating a wealth of experience, she took a leap forward and obtained the licence to operate Sothys at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya in 2017. In the same year, she established her own brand called Aviana Clinic in Puchong. A year after that, she obtained the licence to operate Sothys at MidValley Megamall and in 2019, she expanded Aviana Clinic with its second outlet in MidValley Megamall as well. Her entrepreneurial journey will not stop there, as Winnie Tan is constantly eyeing for potential opportunities to take her business to greater heights.

Today, teaming up with Dr Amelia, Aglow is born. With the great vision of both, Aglow will soon be a reputable and most-visited medical aesthetic hub chain.